Women to Watch in Blockchain

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are putting a spotlight on some of the most inspiring women who have had an impact in blockchain.

Often, people are somewhat intimidated by the space and hesitant to jump in, and women in particular are pretty underrepresented (this stat puts them at just 9% of the actively engaged bitcoin community). So, we thought it’d be helpful to hear about what brought these leaders to the space, what drives them, how they operate and what their hopes and dreams are. This is an extraordinary group of extremely mission-driven and goal-oriented founders, investors, operators and advisors — they are role models and they are badasses.

Enjoy the video and consider a career in blockchain! Paxos and many other companies are hiring and there is plenty of room for new founders, along with other ways to get involved in the space. We hope that this is an inspiration to you!

The Most Inspiring and Influential Women in Blockchain

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