Unveiling the New Paxos.com

the new Paxos.com homepage, released today, March 12, 2019

Today, we’re extremely excited to unveil the new Paxos.com! Re-building the website has been a huge priority for some time, so I’m thrilled we are bringing this labor of love to life. Our main goal was simply to be clear and direct and I hope you’ll agree we achieved this. In addition to a welcome facelift, the new site paves the way for major business and product developments in the Paxos pipeline. We are intent on building a new financial infrastructure that enables the movement of assets, and we designed our new website to clearly reveal more of that story – and to help bring us closer to the future.

Paxos.com + itBit.com

First of all, the new Paxos.com represents the company of Paxos as a whole. Previously, our crypto exchange (itBit) and related services (like custody and OTC) were siloed on itbit.com with a separate login and product experience. We’re starting to fold more of that content into the main Paxos.com, so you can find information about all of the products and services that Paxos offers in one place with unified branding.


The old Paxos.com homepage

The itbit.com homepage

The new itBit page on Paxos.com

A hint of product changes to come

For now, itBit.com still exists and it houses the product experience for our digital asset exchange. But over the next few months, we will unify the Paxos Standard (PAX) and itBit interfaces on Paxos.com. This is going to make the user experience much, much smoother for our customers. Instead of having two separate logins, accounts and balances for PAX and itBit, our customers will have one login and hold funds in one central, easy-to-access place, whether they want to buy/convert/redeem PAX or trade fiat and cryptoassets on our exchange. It will bring all our core initiatives together – so we can all custody, digitize and mobilize assets in one place.

A sneak peak snapshot of part of one of the screens for the upcoming Paxos platform.

Laying the groundwork for the future

Our new website and product changes prepare the way for future developments at Paxos. While many people identify Paxos by our most popular products, Paxos Standard (PAX) and itBit, our larger mission is to build the infrastructure for a new financial system in a global, frictionless economy. We’ll be able to use the unified website and unified product experience to easily integrate new product and asset offerings, announce new partnerships and continue developing our ecosystem. It will all serve to enable more institutions, technologies and services to leverage the infrastructure we have built, so people everywhere can benefit from the new way of mobilizing assets. Stay tuned – we can’t wait to make our vision a reality.

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