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Why should participants choose Paxos Settlement Service?

Paxos Settlement Service is a true bilateral delivery-versus-payment settlement system, which does not otherwise exist in the market. It is built with blockchain technology that can deliver benefits in both the short- and long-term. Main benefits include:

  • Cost and capital savings: By implementing Paxos Settlement Service into operations, participants can expect a meaningful reduction in transaction costs and reduction in capital committed to the settlement process.
  • A more efficient model for securities settlement: Paxos Settlement Service offers delivery-versus-payment settlement finality of assets and cash, allowing participants to immediately use their cash or security proceeds for other purposes throughout the trading day, which is not a feature of the existing settlement system.
  • Modern infrastructure that can flex with your operations: Legacy settlement systems are challenged as they have not kept pace with the innovative technology introduced throughout the rest of the organization. Paxos Settlement Service utilizes modern technology and can facilitate the eventual upgrade of other internal systems. Because Paxos Settlement Service is built on a blockchain network, it can operate on a flexible timeline – trades can settle anywhere between same day to T+2. 
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