Share PAX Gold Facts and Win Gold

To show our appreciation to customers, Paxos is running a $1000 PAX Gold giveaway on Twitter. Twitter users can participate by tweeting one accurate fact about PAX Gold (PAXG). Share a tweet about what PAXG is, why customers can trust it, where to get it or how to use it. When you do, you have a chance to be randomly selected to win $1000 in PAX Gold. 

Here are the rules to be eligible to win $1000 in PAXG:

  1. The tweet must be factually accurate; 
  2. The tweet must include “#whyPAXGold” and “@PaxosGlobal”
  3. Your tweet can only mention PAXG – no other digital tokens

Example tweet 1: It’s the only NYDFS-approved digital gold token! #WhyPAXGold @PaxosGlobal

Example tweet 2: Because $PAXG is fully backed by London Good Delivery gold held in Brinks’ vaults by @PaxosGlobal. 1PAXG = 1 fine troy oz of gold #whyPAXG

Example tweet 3: #whyPAXG: @PaxosGlobal offers the easiest way for you to buy, trade, borrow and lend physical gold – $PAXG Check out here to learn more 

This contest will run from May 29, 2020 at 12PM  –  June 3, 2020 at 12PM EDT. We’ll announce the randomly selected winner in early June. The winner must have a Paxos account to receive the prize.

Visit the PAXG website, Paxos blog page, and press release pages to get inspiration for your tweets!  We look forward to reading great facts.


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