How Financial Firms are Integrating Crypto

On Thursday, January 28, Paxos hosted a virtual Master Class, “How Financial Firms are Integrating Crypto Offerings.” This was part of our Blockchain Impact series and was tailored for professionals seeking details on applying crypto solutions and blockchain tech to current and future products. 

Leaders from Paxos discussed the current state of crypto adoption in mainstream finance, the potential impact crypto can have on revenues and the fundamentals of enabling crypto. If you missed the session, re-watch and sign up for our Enterprise newsletter

In the meantime, here are the key quotes from the day… 

  • “Enabling crypto impacts your business because it adds a consistent new revenue stream, deepens existing customer relationships and drives new customer acquisition.” –   Walter Hessert, Head of Strategy
  • “PayPal’s entrance into crypto at the end of last year was the biggest news in blockchain in 2020. It kicked off the shift from early adopters to mainstream financial companies participating in a trillion-dollar market opportunity. And it was powered by Paxos.” – Kyle Libra, Director of Product 
  • “Crypto services are regulated in the US at both the federal and state level. But working with a regulated Trust company like Paxos adds value because we can help you avoid the patchwork of state-by-state requirements.” – Emily Meyers, Deputy General Counsel 
  • “When you’re considering a partner for crypto services, custody is crucial for protecting your customers assets and liquidity is important for ensuring an amazing customer experience.” – Shai Borochov, Engineering Manager 
  • “Stablecoins grew significantly throughout 2020. In terms of market capitalization, they represent a top 50 global bank, but we believe they’ll be a top 5 global bank in the coming years. That scale creates enormous business opportunities.” Jamar Parris, Senior Product Manager

2021 will be a pivotal year for digital assets. It’s an exciting and complex space, and Paxos is here to help you navigate the space and build a digital asset strategy that is right for your business. Connect with us or learn more on our website.

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