Information Security for the Emerging Crypto Industry

Paxos is a financial institution operating in an emerging industry. Client asset safety is our top priority. Today in Women’s History Month, our InfoSec Compliance Manager Crystal Gayle shares how she helps to protect the company and our customers’ assets.




How did you come to join Paxos?

I started looking to make a career change just before the pandemic started. Not the best timing –  especially for compliance – when most companies were cutting their staff and compromising on important security measures.

I was about to accept an offer from another company when I saw the job opportunity for the Information Security Compliance Manager at Paxos. Just the fact that someone had written such a specific role in my expertise got me excited. I started researching everything about Paxos and immediately knew I wanted to work there. I politely declined my other offer, crossed my fingers and sent in an application to Paxos.

What’s your career background?

I started in compliance more than 10 years ago when I moved from Toronto to New York. I started working in the second most regulated industry of casinos and gaming. The gaming industry is fast-paced and never sleeps, so after a great run I decided to slow it down and work within the tech space, joining at WebMD and Kickstarter. 

What are your responsibilities at Paxos?

Paxos is regulated under various agencies with specific compliance requirements for Information Security. I ensure that the compliance controls from the various regulatory agencies are integrated into our business. I ensure controls are met, I strategize how to exceed these controls and then ensure all standards are applied throughout our operations and thoroughly audited.

What do you like about working at Paxos?

Paxos has so many experts that are more than willing to teach and mentor. I started and began onboarding during the worst of the pandemic. I have never physically met my coworkers but you would never know that. My coworkers hold workshops, lunch and learns, talks and even dance and fitness classes. Everyone here brings their A- game, whether it is to push a big project out the door or to make cookies. My favorite memory at Paxos would have to be the Sip and Step dance class a bunch of us did online. We were taught a pretty difficult piece of choreography and step-by-step we were killing the dance moves. It was so much fun to have everyone on it felt like we were actually together. 


Paxos has grown our team by a remarkable 35% and added more than 60 new team members since the start of the pandemic. We are rapidly expanding and hiring in various functions. Check out our openings now and apply.

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