Women’s History Month: Paxos Highlights its Female Leaders

During Women’s History Month, Paxos celebrated some of its remarkable women driving impact across our company and products. These individuals have demonstrated strength, leadership, and commitment to excellence in a variety of functions at Paxos. Fintech and Blockchain is better off thanks to these leaders we’re proud to call team members.


Julia Bronson, Managing Director of Securities Business

With more than twenty years of experience in finance, Julia is the Managing Director of Paxos’ Securities Business, which is upgrading the settlement infrastructure that underpins our entire financial system.




Crystal Gayle, InfoSec Compliance Manager

Paxos has the highest regulatory standards in the industry. Our InfoSec Compliance Manager Crystal makes sure that the information and security compliance controls from various regulatory agencies are integrated into our business.



Christel Chan, Director, Compliance

As Director of Compliance, Christel manages the daily processes of every aspect of Paxos’ compliance program. She works to enhance our compliance system to better protect the company and our customers.



Emily Meyers, Deputy General Counsel

As Paxos Deputy General Counsel, Emily helps the company to grow by mitigating risk and solving complex problems. From negotiating deals with new clients, to developing strategy to engage regulators worldwide, Emily ensures that we comply with all of our regulatory obligations.



Melayna Ingram, Director, Securities Product

At Paxos, our Director of Securities Product Melayna works to build the new alternative settlement infrastructure for the securities industry. She leads a squad of engineers to execute against a product roadmap to deliver on our goals.



Becca Pollick,Operations & Product Reporting Manager

Paxos is a product-led company and product reporting is an essential part of measuring success. As the Operations & Product Reporting Manager, Becca helps to manage the measurement and reporting of our core products.



Liz Rodan, Senior Software Engineer

Paxos is on a mission to build a new, open financial system by creating blockchain-based infrastructure. Liz is our Senior Software Engineer that builds the foundational technology products for the new financial world.



Mina Alanoly, Director, Securities Business

As a Director of the Securities Business, Mina is responsible for the operations of the business line, liaising with external partners and various functions of the team, ensuring we strive for excellence at all times.





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