Why a Decade-Long Career in Investment Banking Sent me to the Crypto Industry

In 2021, Paxos will double the size of its team. We have a robust pipeline of sales opportunities and an ambitious product roadmap – these dynamics present exciting new challenges for anyone interested in getting into the digital asset industry and building the future of finance. Today, our Strategic Operations Manager Hari shares why he decided to pursue crypto after working in investment banking for almost a decade.


Where did you start your career?

I worked at Goldman Sachs for almost a decade, where I focused on operational risk management, managed multiple teams across payment functions in the derivatives segment and led various cross-divisional projects focused on improving business processes. I also invested and helped transform a small-medium enterprise.

Why did you join Paxos?

After my MBA, I heard about Paxos (then itBit) from a friend and that’s when I started reading about the company and was very intrigued with the work they were doing in this space. I felt Paxos was clearly well ahead of the industry in terms of the vision, ideas and culture.

After working for almost a decade in investment banking and experiencing first-hand the challenges and inherent risk in settlement and payments, I was quite thrilled with the solutions offered by Paxos to address these challenges. Joining the company allowed me the opportunity to work in a field I’m passionate about and build innovative solutions from the ground up. I was also thrilled about the opportunity to work on a complete process life cycle for multiple products and to be able to make a measurable impact on the company’s mission.

What is your role now at Paxos?

I manage the Singapore Product Operations team. We perform and execute day-to-day operations for core products like crypto brokerage, stablecoin products, PAX Gold and our OTC desk. We strive to increase operational efficiency and reduce process risk whenever possible. When there’s a new product launch, we partner with internal teams such as engineering, data analytics or marketing to build and constantly improve our processes as well as customer experience.

What do you like about working at Paxos?

First, it’s the blend of day-to-day activities, OKRs and working on interesting projects in partnership with multiple functions that are required when building an open financial system. Second, there is a measurable impact made by every individual towards the company goals that keeps me motivated to achieve bigger things and resolve more challenges. Finally, I really like working alongside some great minds who are constantly challenging the industry norms as well as a culture where everyone supports each other to perform at the highest levels of excellence.

As an operations professional in fintech, I believe the role of operations and technology will become increasingly interdependent as the space evolves. I enjoy being at the forefront and leading this change, which allows me to constantly challenge myself and build a high-performing team.

We will continue hiring across all functions. Learn more about our openings and read more about our work culture.

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