Adding Crypto to Your App? Here’s What You Need to Know

Crypto is a brave new frontier for most companies. The advent of Bitcoin in 2010 introduced the technological innovation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are simply the first use case for the technology. A short ten years later and crypto has become a $2 trillion asset class. When numbers get that big, it means there are plenty of opportunities for people and companies to get involved.

The shift from early adopters to Main Street is happening as we speak. Companies like PayPal, Square and Robinhood all offer crypto capabilities. And an increasing number of mainstream financial services companies see adding crypto to their platforms as a strategic business opportunity, due in large part to enormous consumer demand. People are eager to buy, sell, transfer and make payments in crypto. But these markets can be overwhelming at the start. 

Paxos has been working in crypto since the early days. We built the first institutional Bitcoin exchange and we’ve been growing our regulated product capabilities ever since. We’re building the regulated financial market infrastructure that multinational enterprises with billions in customer assets and global reputations to protect rely upon. We’re seasoned crypto experts and  help partners navigate the complexity of jumping into crypto markets. 

As we tell our clients, you can quickly mobilize to meet customer demand that can help your company build consistent new revenue streams at a low cost, expand top-of-funnel market reach beyond your core segments and increase share-of-wallet with your existing customers. But to power crypto capabilities securely and cost-effectively, you need a clear strategy for regulation and tech to support crypto features.

Interested in learning more about how you should kick off your journey into crypto? Download our eBook that dives into the nuance of licensing, compliance, custody and liquidity. Or, learn more about Paxos Crypto Brokerage and if it may be right for your business. Start a conversation with Paxos today. 


Allison Whaley is a Director of Product Marketing at Paxos. Connect with her!

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