Nubank Expands Crypto Market Access to Tens of Millions of Users – Powered by Paxos

Mainstream adoption of digital assets in Latin America continues to accelerate with Brazilian fintechs leading the way. 

Brazil based Nubank – one of the world’s largest digital banking platforms – announced today it will offer crypto buying, holding and selling capabilities powered by Paxos. We’re thrilled that another 50 million Brazilians will have seamless access to Bitcoin and Ethereum through the Nubank platform. Nubank’s move into crypto represents a strategic move for the company and will further accelerate adoption in the region. 

Nubank’s mission is to fight complexity to empower people. They achieve this by simplifying customers’ financial lives and offering an easy-to-use platform that serves all of a customer’s financial needs. Like other leading challenger banks, their products are inherently designed to create a more inclusive and accessible financial system. By adding crypto, they expand on that promise by creating trusted access to this new system and fast growing asset class. By leveraging Paxos infrastructure, Nubank ensures customer assets are safeguarded by the leading regulated Trust for digital assets globally. 

By providing blockchain infrastructure for PayPal, Interactive Brokers, Mercado Libre, Mastercard and now Nubank, Paxos already powers half a billion end user crypto wallets. We’re fueling the adoption of crypto by working with trusted brands and platforms upon which consumers already rely. Today, more people have access to a fast, safe and transparent banking system that was previously out of reach. We’re proud to bring hundreds of millions of people closer to a more inclusive financial system – and we are proud to partner with Nubank to make it possible.

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