Paxos Partners with Binance Learn & Earn to Educate Investors About Crypto

Paxos is thrilled to announce our partnership with Binance Academy: Learn & Earn! As the world of crypto becomes more complex, we’ve partnered with Binance Academy to develop curricula to educate everyone from individuals to institutions on the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Suitable for beginners and experienced investors alike, the Learn & Earn program offers nearly 300 articles on everything from cyber security to economics. We’re proud that PAX Gold (PAXG), our regulated gold token, is prominently featured in Binance’s curricula, complete with articles and videos. PAXG provides a low-barrier entry point for Binance’s users to own and trade gold in a trusted way, and is the safest way to own physical gold. 

As you learn about the concept, you can also be rewarded with crypto for your efforts. (That is, you can earn PAXG by successfully completing a quiz about it!) They say knowledge is power – in this program, it also pays.

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