How Paxos Works with PayPal to Build Innovative Crypto Products

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In 2020, PayPal launched the ability for its US users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency. Powered by Paxos’ crypto brokerage platform, PayPal has since added Checkout with Crypto, brought its crypto services to the U.K., and now allows consumers to transfer crypto on or off the PayPal ecosystem. The enablement of transfers by PayPal was, and remains, a watershed moment for the crypto ecosystem. It marked one of the first mainstream adoption moments for crypto.

Paxos and PayPal share a commitment to driving responsible innovation at scale, expanding the accessibility and utility of digital currencies, and cryptocurrency’s potential to shape the future of the financial system.

Watch the video to hear PayPal executives Edwin Aoki, CTO of Blockchain, Crypto and Digital Currencies, and Jose Fernandez da Ponte, SVP of Blockchain, Crypto and Digital Currencies, discuss how PayPal continues to build innovative, successful crypto products with Paxos and why this partnership is driving mainstream crypto adoption.

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