How to Find the Right Blockchain and Digital Asset Partner for Your Business

The financial services industry recognizes blockchain and digital asset technology as powerful tools for the future of finance. But industry shake-ups like the downfall of Terra, the collapse of FTX and Alameda and the ultimate ripple effects created by those failures created a feeling of uncertainty in an already trepid crypto winter. However, it is important to recognize that these companies do not indicate failures of blockchain technology – they emphasize the importance of regulation, performing due diligence and asking the right questions.

Many of the world’s leading financial services companies and institutions – like PayPal, BNY Mellon, Stripe, Interactive Brokers, Mercado Libre and Mastercard – have already launched and continue to invest in blockchain and digital asset solutions. As blockchain technology continues to be embraced by industry leaders, many companies are considering how to add blockchain and digital asset solutions to their existing platforms to capture market share and the benefits created by blockchain and digital asset technology.

Know what to ask a potential partner

Paxos knows that getting started with blockchain and digital asset solutions is a complex endeavor. Many companies lack in-house blockchain and digital asset expertise, so knowing the right questions to ask is key. Our experience working with industry leaders and global regulators helped us develop “How to Evaluate Blockchain and Digital Asset Infrastructure Providers.” In it, we outline five focus areas and key questions to ask potential providers to ensure you find the right partner for your business. 

Download our new guide using the form below, and learn how to assess and select a partner that helps you build a solution that is safe for your customers, protects your reputation and generates revenue for your business. 


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