Enterprise Digital Asset Adoption Survey Shows the Future of Finance is Here Today

Global adoption of digital assets is still in its initial phases. Yet, financial enterprises are progressing from initial interest in digital assets to considering them integral to their business strategy. In our recently published 2023 Enterprise Digital Asset Adoption Survey report, 99% of all financial services companies said they are pursuing a blockchain solution. 

Such insights help shed light on the transformative power of digital assets, despite complexity in launching them. This is particularly true as enterprises increasingly recognize the indispensable role digital assets will play in shaping their future. The report also underscores the shift from enterprises treating digital assets as a curiosity to fully embracing them as core components of their business. It highlights how this may impact their customers in the future of finance.

How are enterprises planning on using the technologies? When asked what benefits enterprises seek by enabling these solutions, the most frequent responses were:

    • Increasing customer engagement – 56%
    • Acquiring new customers – 55%
    • Improving settlement operations – 54%

Overcoming challenges with a trusted partner

Traditionally, enterprises approached digital assets cautiously, fearing the challenges associated with the assimilation into existing systems and markets. However, the data in the report may dispel this misconception, revealing that the integration process is not the insurmountable obstacle many once believed it to be, especially when guided by an experienced, trusted and regulated partner.

The report paints a compelling picture of the future, where digital assets will become even more ingrained in the fabric of enterprise operations. From payment innovations to personalized customer experiences, the possibilities are limitless. Enterprises that embrace this digital revolution are poised to survive and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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