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Are my Paxos stablecoin tokens safe in the event of a network (e.g., Ethereum or Solana) outage?

Network outages – including both partial outages that result in degraded service or stability and full outages in which transactions do not happen at all – can happen from time to time, and are outside Paxos’ control. 

In the event of a partial outage Paxos will continue to process customer transactions, including withdrawals off the Paxos platform. During full outages, customers can expect an error message on the Paxos website. Withdrawal transactions submitted during a network outage are held and processed in the order they were received when the network is back online. 

In the event of a full network outage, you may not be able to move or access your Paxos-issued token (e.g. if the Solana network goes down, your tokens will be stuck and you will not be able to transfer them, including back to Paxos for redemption, until network service is restored). 

The assets that back Paxos-issued tokens are not impacted by network outages. If a network goes down, onboarded Paxos customers will be able to redeem their tokens as usual when network service is restored. See the Paxos Terms and Conditions for additional disclosures.

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