How Paxos Protects Customer Assets from Bankruptcy

The global popularity of digital assets is paving the way to a more open financial system. However, market participants who do not fully understand how their assets are held are unknowingly putting those assets at risk.

2023 Global Digital Asset Regulation at a Glance

In today’s evolving financial landscape, digital assets have transcended niche markets to become a global phenomenon. Digital asset adoption and use may vary from nation to nation, but millions of people already understand their value.

Stablecoins Are Key to the Future of Finance

Surprisingly to some, the list of use cases for stablecoins has exploded during a market downturn, further engendering their use to fintechs, payment companies, institutional banks and investment firms.

Paxos CEO Sees Enduring Vision 

For over a decade, Paxos CEO Charles Cascarilla has been executing on his vision of building financial market infrastructure that underpins a more transparent, secure and open financial system. Along the way, Charles has seen bad actors come and go and two crypto winters, but these events only emboldened his vision.

What Business Leaders Should Know About Web3

The landscape of technological innovation is at a critical juncture, experiencing a paradigm shift that could fundamentally change the trajectory of the financial sector.

3 Reasons Blockchain Can Improve the Flow of Global Remittances

Global remittances play a significant role in the global economy, serving as a vital lifeline for millions of families and communities worldwide. Remittances can be broadly defined as any money sent from one party to another, whether the parties be individuals, companies or countries.

A Seminal Moment for the Future of Finance

As the leading regulated blockchain infrastructure provider, we serve some of the largest enterprises in the world, power wallets for more than 400 million end users and enable tokenized settlement worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The introduction of PayPal USD (“PYUSD”) makes Paxos the global leader in tokenization.