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By connecting the Loco London clearing and the cash-based correspondent banking network, Paxos creates a single platform where safe and simultaneous settlement occurs for metals – including gold, silver, platinum and palladium – and cash. This means we mitigate counterparty risk for all parties, both within and outside the Paxos network, through a unified interface.


Unlock Operational Efficiency with Multilateral Payment Netting

Scale your business – and reduce required transfer instructions and manual entry by 90%* – with the first precious metals settlement solution offering netting of both cash and precious metals. Get increased operational efficiency, full transparency and control, and unlock working capital.

* Savings shown are indicative based on having 30 counterparties and settling an average of 3 metals and USD per day with each counterparty

>$ 1 T

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> 1000000

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Safer Settlement is Possible with Paxos

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