Paxos’ Team Helps Further Its Mission

Working at a remote-first company laser-focused on bold and beneficent ambitions can be exciting. Each day our diverse team reaches across time zones to push forward our mission of replatforming the financial industry’s infrastructure, making it more inclusive, open and secure. 

Paxos’ evolving workforce

As Paxos enters its second decade, our team continues to grow and evolve with it. Gone are the days when only those living within commuting distance could apply. Now teams are dispersed worldwide, unlocking talent from all corners of the planet while bringing in more perspectives than ever before. 

While teammates value the many benefits of working remotely, they also seize opportunities to gather and work in person. In return, Paxos provides opportunities to meet regularly in New York, Singapore, London and other locations to participate in everything from brainstorming, planning and group learning to socializing and relationship-building. 

Flexibility is just one way Paxos wants to separate from the industry’s pack. By empowering individuals to be adaptable and responsive, Paxos aims to inspire leadership at all levels by asking each individual to think like an owner. This drive to be a leader derives from the mindset Paxos seeks in recruiting talent.

How to know if you have the Paxos mindset

The mindset is not something Paxos bestows upon someone during the onboarding process; it’s borne from the individual and helps become the collective perspective of the entire Paxos team. Every new hire renews the team’s dedication to our core values with fresh ideas, insights and a willingness to lead.

Central to our mission is facilitating growth, which extends to Paxos teammates. Working in an innovative industry where change is constant provides plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally. For the self-starter, this translates to opportunities to build-up new and existing skill sets, seek out mentors and take on stretch challenges.

Within Paxos’ mission is an endless series of unique challenges. An eagerness to tackle these challenges helps individuals self-identify as potential matches for the organization. It’s something current team members feel as much as they think because it aligns with an indomitable spirit and attitude that Paxos embodies.

Teammates who see Paxos’ core values as a reflection of their own values can significantly impact our work. This alignment creates a synergy greater than the sum of its parts.

The Paxos team is proud to be a part of redefining the financial system. As the company continues to grow, we are inspired by how many talented individuals also crave work with the potential to impact everyone, everywhere. This brings us closer as a team – and more determined than ever to change the world for the better.

Are you looking for meaningful work with an abundance of growth opportunities?

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