Understanding the Different Blockchain Types

Today’s blockchain industry is more nuanced than the “public vs. private” binary. It encompasses a spectrum of solutions, each with unique advantages and considerations.

Remote Build Execution & Testcontainers at Paxos

Paxos underwent significant growth in 2023, increasing from 353,286 to 532,806 lines of Golang test code, growing its engineering headcount and launching industry-defining products.

Beyond Code: Exploring Developer Experience at Paxos

The process of building software can be hindered by a disorganized development environment. However, by structuring the workspace with the right tools, libraries and processes, developers can significantly enhance the coding experience.

Meet Manek Shah, a Paxos Data Analyst based in Singapore

As a remote-first company, Paxos employees further our mission from all around the world. Recently, we visited Singapore to chat with Manek Shah to learn more about the important work he’s doing on the Data and Analytics team.

PayPal USD Helps Reduce Transaction Fees in Africa

Yellow Card was the first fintech in Africa to list PayPal USD (PYUSD). Yellow Card is the largest licensed stablecoin on-and-off ramp for 20 countries in Africa, making it easy to access currencies like USD via stablecoins like PYUSD.

5 Key Facts About PYUSD

PayPal USD (PYUSD) launched just six months ago, and it has already become one of the fastest growing stablecoins ever, having gained global market traction with huge growth in market cap as exchanges, wallets, fintechs and more add PYUSD to their platforms.