A Seminal Moment for the Future of Finance

As the leading regulated blockchain infrastructure provider, we serve some of the largest enterprises in the world, power wallets for more than 400 million end users and enable tokenized settlement worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The introduction of PayPal USD (“PYUSD”) makes Paxos the global leader in tokenization.

How Paxos Crypto Rewards Has Enterprises Leading with Loyalty

In the world of consumer finance, product success is a consequence of how easily customers can both use and take advantage of your product. Many companies are finding it increasingly important—as well as challenging—to retain their customers and cultivate both lasting relationships and customer loyalty.

Payments Processing: Battle for the Rails

Traditional payment rails, including credit cards and wire transfers, have long served as the backbone of the financial ecosystem. However, institutions and markets are now revising these methods to keep up with the digital landscape.

Stablecoins Are Key to the Future of Finance

The digital asset industry has seen its share of failure and uncertainty over the last 18 months, sowing doubt in public perceptions around crypto, forcing the hand of regulators and muting the ecosystem’s overall growth.

Paxos Defines Stablecoin Transparency

From day one, Paxos’ approach to transparency has been to lead the industry and then evolve from there. We work with regulators to define what transparency means and how it looks. Most importantly, we continue to enhance transparency at every turn.

Why MiCA Matters

The European Union (EU) recently enacted the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) to demonstrate its commitment to fostering financial stability and safeguarding consumer interests. This legislation establishes a comprehensive and robust legal framework for regulating cryptocurrencies and other digital assets within the EU.

Watch Paxos CEO in Fireside Chat at Dubai FinTech Summit

Paxos CEO Charles Cascarilla took part in a fireside chat with host Anish Shivdasani titled “The Potential for Tokenisation to Revolutionize Financial Services,” in which he summarizes his vision for the digital asset economy of the future.