New Report: What Today’s Retail Investors Think About Gold

Paxos surveyed 1,000 adults in the US, UK, Singapore and Germany who have purchased some form of gold – be it ETFs, physical bars, gold coins or tokenized gold in the past two years – to understand their attitudes about the market, their motivations, and their thoughts on the future. 

Paxos Engineers Take Consensus!

Paxos Software Engineers, Liz Rodan and Aileen Huang, chose to use part of their L&D budget to attend Consensus, one of the largest events for crypto, investing, NFTs, DeFi, regulation, Web 3 and the metaverse in Austin, TX. 

Paxos Was Built to Protect its Customers

Paxos Trust Company LLC (“Paxos Trust”) is a regulated financial institution with a primary prudential regulator, which means that every aspect of our operations –

Everything Old is New Again

When I started my career in finance, one of the first realizations I had was that almost nothing was new. A “new” product in finance was almost always a resurrection of an old product or a retrofitting of an existing product to a new application. Truly new products were exceptionally rare.

Understanding the Demise of UST and What Makes a Stablecoin Stable

Stablecoins are digital tokens backed by stable assets such as the US dollar, and were originally created for crypto investors to have an easy on- and off- ramp between fiat currencies and crypto. As stablecoin usage and market cap have increased, so has regulatory scrutiny. In particular, the reserve practices (or lack thereof) of various stablecoins have increasingly been in the spotlight – which brings us to the algorithmic stablecoin at the heart of the Terra ecosystem, UST.

Nubank Expands Crypto Market Access to Tens of Millions of Users – Powered by Paxos

Brazil based Nubank – one of the world’s largest digital banking platforms – announced today it will offer crypto buying, holding and selling capabilities powered by Paxos. We’re thrilled that another 50 million Brazilians will have seamless access to Bitcoin and Ethereum through the Nubank platform. Nubank’s move into crypto represents a strategic move for the company and will further accelerate adoption in the region. 

Crypto is the Future & Paxos is Charting the Course for its Mainstream Adoption – That’s Why I Left Legacy Finance

Important lessons learned from 2008 can and should be applied to digital assets today. That’s how we’ll ensure the open, digital economy is built to withstand tests of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Transparency into the entire system is needed so we can more critically evaluate promises of stability. That’s how a well-designed, inclusive digital asset ecosystem built to withstand shocks will emerge and flourish.

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