Paxos’ Team Helps Further Its Mission

Working at a remote-first company laser-focused on bold and beneficent ambitions can be exciting. Each day our diverse team reaches across time zones to push forward our mission of replatforming the financial industry’s infrastructure, making it more inclusive, open and secure. 

Bear Markets Inspire Enterprise Innovation

The mere mention of a bear market tends to sour both enterprise and consumer outlooks. When viewed historically, bear markets come cyclically, as is the nature of markets. It is worth noting that for every bear market, there normally awaits a bull market teeming with opportunities. Then why are so many of us overwhelmed by the idea of a bear market?

Digital Asset Liquidity 101: Why Liquidity Matters

Global financial markets are seeing challenges that require us to reevaluate ways of creating a marketplace that builds consumer confidence. In consumer products, companies are trying to achieve better supply chain transparency which translates into higher sales and enhanced consumer trust.

How to Find the Right Blockchain and Digital Asset Partner for Your Business

The financial services industry recognizes blockchain and digital asset technology as powerful tools for the future of finance. But industry shake-ups like the downfall of Terra, the collapse of FTX and Alameda and the ultimate ripple effects created by those failures created a feeling of uncertainty in an already trepid crypto winter.

Paxos Engineers See Accelerating Growth Ahead

In my previous post, I outlined the Paxos vision for Web3 technologies and how our engineers are building infrastructure for the future financial system. This long-term vision comes with an understanding that the best has yet to come and our systematic regulation-first approach will yield results in the not-so-distant future.

Prudent Regulation is Within Reach

Recent events in the digital asset marketplace have impacted the industry in ways that were difficult to fathom only months ago. As more facts come into focus, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the road ahead.

Statement from Paxos on BUSD

Paxos is the sole issuer of BUSD, the US dollar-backed stablecoin regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) on Ethereum.

Despite Uncertainty, Paxos Grows as Calls for Regulation Expand

In many ways, the last few weeks in the digital asset industry have felt more like a few years. When the history of finance is written, recent events may make up the bulk of last year’s industry headlines, and rightfully so, but it’s also important to highlight other but important events from 2022.

What the Future of Digital Asset Regulation Might Look Like

Following the collapse of FTX, many are seizing the moment to push for increased regulatory oversight of digital assets. As voices get louder, the outcome will likely include inroads toward federal legislation for digital assets.

Crypto in LatAm: Spotlight on Brazil

As global crypto markets encounter significant turbulence and many participants continue to feel the ripple effects of recent events, it’s helpful to gain a broader perspective and note that some regions are seeing crypto continuing to thrive, mainly due to a shared public and private commitment behind it.

Paxos Freezes PAXG Tokens Related to FTX

Paxos received direction from US Federal Law enforcement to freeze Paxos-issued assets associated with four ethereum addresses.  In compliance with the request, Paxos froze 11,184.38 PAXG tokens valued at roughly $19 million.

How Paxos Determines Which Crypto Assets Are Safest

There are approximately 10,000 active crypto assets available today, and that number continues to grow as the crypto ecosystem grows, with global adoption increasing and platforms continuously expanding their asset offerings. However, not all new and emerging crypto assets will be seen as equally secure and compliant.