Speed & Ease are More Crucial Than Ever When Buying Gold

Gold has always been a safe haven asset. When markets and geopolitical situations are unpredictable, investors flock to gold to minimize risk. Gold is a global asset independent from any fiat currency or government, it is a universally attractive store of value and it is timeless. And with gold-backed digital assets (like PAX Gold), it is now easier and faster than ever to get physical investment-grade gold.

Paxos Named to CBInsights Blockchain 50 List

For the second year in a row, Paxos has been named to CB Insights & Blockdata’s Blockchain 50 list! This distinguished list selects leading blockchain innovators based on factors such as business model, market potential, growth momentum and more. 

T+1 and T+0 are Possible Today if the SEC Opens the Market to Competition

Paxos was founded with the belief that market infrastructure needs to be modernized and accelerated because there is too much risk inherent in core utilities as they exist today. That’s why Paxos has been working for years on a solution to shorten settlement. We’ve successfully built a solution called the Paxos Settlement Service that settles trades on T+2, T+1 and T+0 – really, settlement on any cycle. That means, with Paxos, T+1 and T+0 are available today, not next year.  

Hypergrowth vs. Tech Debt

In the last several months, Paxos has hit a stage of development commonly known as “hypergrowth” due to the mainstream adoption of digital assets. Under heavy acceleration, tech companies need to rapidly evolve software systems from earlier-stage minimal viable products to enterprise-grade platforms that are scalable and reliable. These transformations are extremely challenging, and the challenges extend beyond software development to organizations as a whole.

2022 Paxos Crypto Survey

Paxos Survey Finds Consumers Want Easier Access to Crypto

Crypto continues to trend towards mainstream adoption. To help quantify and better understand consumer behavior as it relates to crypto purchasing habits, Paxos conducted a statistically significant survey of crypto owners in late 2021.
Get a glimpse of the survey and key results here.

Paxos Master Class | Stablecoins 101

On December 14 2021, Paxos hosted a master class on stablecoins to share the key information businesses need to know about stablecoins and how they’ll impact the future of finance.

2021 Was Just The Beginning: Paxos Will Accelerate Mainstream Digital Asset Adoption in 2022

We believe the future of finance will be powered by tokenized financial market infrastructure. Paxos aspires to enable all asset holders – from the largest financial institutions to the individual consumer – to transact assets with the highest levels of trustworthiness, transparency and speed. If last year was the tip of the iceberg, 2022 will reveal the prime time adoption of digital assets and financial services.

Same-Day Settlement: A Misunderstood Opportunity

This conflation in many people’s minds of T+0, Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), and atomic settlement demonstrates just how misunderstood this topic really is. To be clear, T+0 simply means settlement on the same day as the trade, RTGS means settlement at the time of trading, and atomic settlement is the transfer of securities against cash (ie: delivery vs payment) at any settlement time. All of these should be embraced as opportunities that can create efficiencies, cut costs and protect our system from future market failures.