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Paxos Settlement Service

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Paxos Settlement Service is a private, permission-based blockchain network that facilitates settlement with delivery-versus-payment settlement finality. It is new market infrastructure that can power digital transformation and enable structural cost reduction.

Streamline streetside settlement of equity securities

Benefit from real-time secure, immutable ledger that will serve as a backbone to modernizing operational systems

Shape the market infrastructure of the future at the foundational level by joining the Pilot for Paxos settlement

Why Act Now?

Digital transformation is inevitable

Join the Pilot for US Equities​

  • Compatible with today’s operations
  • Fully-tested with DTC interoperability
  • Directly integrated with broker-dealer internal systems

Gain Immediate Cost and Capital Savings​

  • Perennial cost savings
  • Unlock clearing capital
  • Deploy settlement proceeds immediately

Build the future with us and reap compounding benefits

Evolve with New Market Infrastructure​

  • Single source of truth stock record
  • Real-time data transparency & usability
  • Robust security via modern technology

Reduce Structural Costs​

  • Scale capital, liquidity and cost savings
  • Improve flexibility to adapt to business changes
  • Be prepared for modern systems architecture

How It Works

Paxos Settlement Service is an alternative settlement platform to existing market infrastructure

Trade Execution

No change to trading behavior


Locked-in reporting and contract comparisons


Delivery-vs-payment settlement finality


Proceeds are immediately available to re-deploy

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