Why Paxos for Senior Engineering Professionals?

Paxos is seeking staff engineers and engineering managers to join us on our mission to build a  new financial infrastructure for the economy of tomorrow. Our blockchain solutions tokenize, custody, trade and settle assets for enterprise clients, enabling the trustworthy and instantaneous movement of any asset, at any time. 

Kevin Lupowitz, our Head of Technology, explains why he chose to join Paxos and what he sees as a unique opportunity for senior engineering professionals looking to be part of a great team as pioneers in a new digital frontier. 

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We are in an exciting time where Web3 technologies are in the nascent stages of innovating workflows and supporting legacy foundations. As in any evolutionary process, there are the pioneers, the early adopters and then eventually come the laggards. To be a pioneer, one must be able to recognize that there may only be a small window of opportunity to achieve momentum, but when they see the right ingredients and are driven by common core principles, really special things can happen.

Throughout my career, I worked at companies that wanted to change the status quo by offering newer, more elegant solutions that improved everything from user experience to trustworthiness to scalability. As it turns out, many of those firms became pioneers in their field.    

Although each role was different, there were overlapping core principles that drove these pioneering firms to excel:

  • They had vision, always looking ahead to see how things should/could be done in a better way
  • They had fortitude, and when challenges surfaced, colleagues were right there with you to help get through them
  • They hired the best people in the world and provided them with the best environments to do their job
  • They never settled for mediocrity
  • They never accepted “no” for an answer – no was just a long way to get to yes
  • They excelled at transforming clients, regulators and team members into fans

Paxos is a pioneer in Web3 technology. We believe Web3 technologies will augment, advance, and ultimately replace much of the infrastructure that currently powers both traditional assets and next-generation assets. What makes Paxos unique is the combination of our long-term vision for providing the infrastructure that powers the global financial marketplace and, most importantly, our regulatory-first approach. By seeking out regulation and striving to be the most trusted brand in crypto, we are leveraging Web3 technology to bridge the gap between existing regulatory frameworks and next-generation infrastructure.

Paxos has all of the core principles needed to drive success. In addition, we have already delivered industry leading solutions on a platform that powers some of the largest global clients, including PayPal, MasterCard, Interactive Brokers, and Bank of America. Paxos is the only crypto provider that is regulated across multiple asset classes and focused strictly on infrastructure for enterprise-grade solutions. Paxos is also unique in that we are a market leader in launching buy, hold, sell in the US market and internationally.

I joined Paxos for the opportunity to be part of an innovative company that provides solutions that others will eventually try to emulate. I wanted to take what I’ve learned and collaborate with like-minded individuals to create something transformative, elegant, and capable of changing how the world exchanges any and all assets. 

Paxos is hiring world-class engineering leaders, Engineering Managers and Staff/Principal Engineers, to help deliver elegant solutions to complex problems in a Web3 future. If you’re interested in using your experience to be an owner of part of this platform, please consider Paxos Engineering.

Kevin Lupowitz is the Head of Technology at Paxos, with the Regulatory Platform his primary responsibility. 

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