Pax Dollar

Fully backed. Legally protected. Always available.

USDP is available on Ethereum and Solana 


Highest standards of consumer protection

Paxos’ issued stablecoin USDP is subject to strict regulatory oversight by the New York State Department of Financial Services, meeting the highest standards of consumer protection.


1:1 redemption, always available

USDP reserves are held 100% in cash and cash equivalents, meaning customer funds are always available for 1:1 redemption.


Assets held bankruptcy remote, fully segregated

Under New York banking law, in the event of Paxos Trust’s insolvency, customer assets would not be used to satisfy the debts of Paxos because client assets are held bankruptcy remote in segregated accounts.


We make every report available – because your money matters

USDP is built to keep your customer’s assets safe

Comparing a regulated custodian with a trust charter like Paxos vs. stablecoin issuers with money transmitter license (MTL) registrations.

Trust Charter

Money Transmitter License

Qualified custodian

Required to hold customer funds segregated from company funds

Holds all client assets bankruptcy remote by law*

Cannot use customer funds to facilitate other business

*This is a distinguishing feature of Paxos’ PYUSD and USDP stablecoins from MTL-based and unregulated stablecoin issuers. If MTL-based and unregulated stablecoin issuers become insolvent, customers would become exposed to delays, and courts could determine customer assets belong to the senior creditors of the issuer’s bankruptcy estate.

Stablecoin Resource Library

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