What can I do with PAX Gold on the Paxos platform?

In the Paxos wallet, you can acquire PAXG by sending in USD or unallocated gold. When you do this, you are creating new PAXG tokens. 

You can release PAXG by: 

  • Converting PAXG to USD; 
  • Requesting a conversion of PAX Gold to unallocated gold to be transferred to a Loco London account; 
  • Redeeming PAXG for physical gold bars..

You can view your PAXG bar allocation down to the serial number on Paxos.com/paxgold

You can withdraw PAXG from your Paxos account by sending it to another Ethereum address.

You can trade PAXG against USD 24/7 on the itBit crypto-asset exchange.