Securities Settlement

A new standard of efficiency for settlement of securities

The New Market Infrastructure to Power Digital Transformation and Structural Cost Reduction

Paxos Settlement Service is a modern settlement platform utilizing a unique hybrid settlement model, improved margin, real time multilateral netting and innovative scalable technology. Our solution to clearing and settlement increases efficiency, saves capital and shapes the market infrastructure of the future. PSS is built on a private permissioned blockchain platform and interoperable with existing settlement systems.

Modern Technology

Shape the market infrastructure of the future with a real time clearing platform built with a blockchain core. Leverage real time multilateral netting and settle when it suits you (from T+2 to T+0).

Unique Settlement Model

Enjoy the same netting efficiencies as a central counterparty model with the capital benefits of a bilateral model. The Paxos settlement model brings simultaneous delivery versus payment and is interoperable with the DTC as depository.

Improved Margin

Save capital with efficient margins delivered from our hybrid settlement model. Paxos offers a safe, efficient and transparent margin calculation based on net output through the Paxos multilateral netting engine.

How it Works

Paxos Settlement Service is an alternative settlement platform to existing market infrastructure

Trade Execution

No change to trading behavior


Locked-in reporting and contract comparisons


Delivery-vs-payment settlement finality


Proceeds are immediately available to re-deploy

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