New Maker Rebates for ETH Trades on itBit

We’re excited to share that on itBit, the Paxos exchange, itBit customers will now begin receiving 3.5 bps rebates of the notional value on all confirmed ETH maker trades. We are thrilled to offer even more to our customers on top of the most competitive taker rates available and plan to continue providing the highest quality services in the industry.

All ETH maker rebates will be credited to the customer’s fiat balance(non-ETH maker orders will remain free and not receive any rebate). Our industry-leading, low taker rates will remain the same, structured in tiers based on 30-day rolling volumes.

At itBit, user trading volume is aggregated by fiat base currency, BTC/USD and ETH/USD trades count towards the aggregated USD tier, and BTC/EUR and ETH/EUR count separately towards the aggregated EUR tier. Click here to learn more about itBit’s fee structure.

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