Maker rebates on ALL trades – Only on itBit

itBit is now the first fiat-to-crypto exchange with maker rebates for all trades. Traders that add to the order book will now earn 3bps incentives when orders are successfully executed. We started offering ETH maker order rebates in late January,

New Maker Rebates for ETH Trades on itBit

We’re excited to share that on itBit, the Paxos exchange, itBit customers will now begin receiving 3.5 bps rebates of the notional value on all confirmed ETH maker trades. We are thrilled to offer even more to our customers on

itBit’s Trust Charter

Since launching in the U.S. last week, we have answered a number of questions from the community.

itBit’s Stance on Regulation and Risk Management

Having spent years researching and using digital currency exchanges as a trader and in light of the most recent market events, I wanted to provide itBit’s perspective on the current state of the industry.