The System for Clearing and Settling Equities Is Antiquated. This Is About to Change.

Paxos is upgrading clearing and settlement to meet the speed and efficiency of trading. Starting in the US with Street-side US equities settlement, Paxos has built a platform designed to alleviate market participants’ core concerns with the legacy infrastructure they rely upon today. Our solution, Paxos Settlement Service, is built with the latest technology and modern thinking about how financial infrastructure should operate.

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PAX Gold is Now Available on BlockFi — Earn Interest on Your Gold

We’re excited to announce that PAX Gold is now available on BlockFi, a leading wealth management platform for crypto investors. Starting today, you can deposit PAX Gold in a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), with an initial annual percentage yield (APY) at 4% on your holdings. Through BlockFi, you can also trade between PAX Gold and other assets like BTC, ETH, LTC and PAX.

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