5 Key Facts About PYUSD

PayPal USD (PYUSD) launched just six months ago, and it has already become one of the fastest growing stablecoins ever, having gained global market traction with huge growth in market cap as exchanges, wallets, fintechs and more add PYUSD to their platforms.

What Are Hot & Cold Wallets?

Asset security is crucial in digital finance, serving as a cornerstone for long-term trust and transparency.

How the Crypto Winter May Help Save the Digital Asset Economy

Cyclical market downturns are a part of basic economic theory. Though we may not like their immediate impacts, we also know that bull markets have historically followed. Understanding this begs the question – what can we glean from the current crypto winter that will help us all build for the next bull cycle?

2023: A Big Year for the Industry & Paxos

When the year began, the digital asset industry was firmly in the grips of a crypto winter. Some are hoping that a thaw may start to set in, as digital finance, blockchain technology

5 Questions with Paxos General Counsel Ben Gray

Since Ben Gray joined Paxos as General Counsel in early 2022, he has seen significant market events that helped Paxos emerge stronger, more resilient and poised for continued success.

Learn How CiNKO Powers Cross-Border Payments & Tourism with PYUSD

As PayPal USD (PYUSD) continues its path toward global adoption and growth, we are excited to feature another Paxos partner, CiNKO, which is revolutionizing access to money and accelerating the adoption of digital financial services across Latin America and the Caribbean.