From a Federal Government Agency to Fintech – Practicing Law in the Emerging Blockchain Industry

In the last Paxos Employee Spotlight, Paxos Compliance Officer Ed Luo shared why he joined Paxos and his responsibilities here. Today, we invite our Deputy General Counsel Emily Meyers to talk about her journey to Paxos. 

Emily has previously worked at an international law firm, a federal government enforcement agency, and the highly-valued and fast-growing startup WeWork, all after receiving her JD from Columbia University and BA from Brown University. 



How did you learn about Paxos?

When our general counsel reached out to me on LinkedIn, I wasn’t sure if a blockchain technology company was right for me. I knew little about digital assets at the time. My wife urged me to learn more, and as I got to meet more members of the Paxos team, I understood how I could be an asset to the company from day one, even without deep blockchain expertise.

Why did you join Paxos?

I was first hooked by our audacious mission — to digitize the world’s assets. Add in innovative, hardworking and inspiring teammates, and ample opportunities to solve challenging and nuanced problems in a burgeoning industry – it made the opportunity too good to pass up. 

What are your responsibilities at Paxos?

I support all aspects of the business, helping the company to grow, mitigating risk, and solving problems. That includes everything from negotiating deals with new clients, to developing strategy to engage regulators around the world, to ensuring that we comply with all of our regulatory obligations. 

What do you like about working at Paxos?

Working in emerging fintech means that our products and services are constantly improving, and the regulatory landscape in which we operate is constantly evolving. It’s thrilling to meet the challenge of navigating that landscape every day. 

What has been your favorite experience at Paxos?

My favorite thing about Paxos is the way that we come together as a team to make things happen. Last spring, just four weeks into working remotely while the pandemic was raging, the team culminated a major initiative for our crypto currency exchange platform. Working from both New York and Singapore, with representatives from every function across the company, the team coordinated seamlessly and successfully launched the revamped product. It made me proud that even when we are not physically in the office, we have a strong culture of collaboration and excellence that supersedes any challenge.




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