Why Enterprises Should Be Thinking About Superapps

The potential and proliferation of superapps has heralded a significant transformation in how end users can engage with financial services. Superapp use is not a futuristic reality, in fact, in some parts of the world, it’s the norm.

Tokenization Enables New Capabilities in Trade Finance

Trade finance is an integral part of global commerce, providing the necessary funding, insurance and risk management services to facilitate international trade. However, traditional trade finance is plagued by issues such as high costs and opacity. 

Mainstream Enterprise Adoption of Digital Assets

While still early in the adoption phases within a historically conservative industry like banking, blockchain technology is already used in enterprise functions – from storing data across registries to tracking consumer goods shipped from around the globe.

4 Ways Blockchain Can Fix Financial Market Infrastructure

The technology that supports our financial system needs an overhaul. Basic transactions have high intermediary costs and long clearance times, while billions remain unbanked, and consumer trust is likely to be impacted by recent bank failures. 

How the Crypto Winter May Help Save the Digital Asset Economy

Cyclical market downturns are a part of basic economic theory. Though we may not like their immediate impacts, we also know that bull markets have historically followed. Understanding this begs the question – what can we glean from the current crypto winter that will help us all build for the next bull cycle?

What is Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Infrastructure?

The power of blockchain technology has become increasingly popular among businesses, especially in financial services. The instantaneous, transparent and decentralized nature of blockchain makes it an attractive technology for many applications, and many businesses are considering partnerships with blockchain infrastructure platforms.

3 Security Considerations for Enterprise Asset Tokenization

Before enterprises can realize the potential benefits of industry-wide tokenization at scale they must consider the token issuer’s technical and regulatory specifics as carefully as they do opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Can Regulation Unlock the Transformative Power of Tokenization?

In the economy of the not-too-distant future, tokenization will transform how we conduct asset valuations, transactions and ownership verifications. The revolutionary technology behind it encapsulates physical or digital assets as distinct cryptographic tokens on a blockchain.

Paxos’ Team Helps Further Its Mission

Working at a remote-first company laser-focused on bold and beneficent ambitions can be exciting. Each day our diverse team reaches across time zones to push forward our mission of replatforming the financial industry’s infrastructure, making it more inclusive, open and secure. 

Bear Markets Inspire Enterprise Innovation

The mere mention of a bear market tends to sour both enterprise and consumer outlooks. When viewed historically, bear markets come cyclically, as is the nature of markets. It is worth noting that for every bear market, there normally awaits a bull market teeming with opportunities. Then why are so many of us overwhelmed by the idea of a bear market?

Digital Asset Liquidity 101: Why Liquidity Matters

Global financial markets are seeing challenges that require us to reevaluate ways of creating a marketplace that builds consumer confidence. In consumer products, companies are trying to achieve better supply chain transparency which translates into higher sales and enhanced consumer trust.

How to Find the Right Blockchain and Digital Asset Partner for Your Business

The financial services industry recognizes blockchain and digital asset technology as powerful tools for the future of finance. But industry shake-ups like the downfall of Terra, the collapse of FTX and Alameda and the ultimate ripple effects created by those failures created a feeling of uncertainty in an already trepid crypto winter.

Statement from Paxos on BUSD

Paxos is the sole issuer of BUSD, the US dollar-backed stablecoin regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) on Ethereum.